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Why Guest Blogging is Still an Effective Marketing Strategy in 2019
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Why Guest Blogging is Still an Effective Marketing Strategy in 2019

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For many years, guest blogging has been an effective marketing strategy for SEO professionals. Not only you get your content published on an authority website, but guest blogging also helps in acquiring quality backlinks.

The truth is if you want traffic, rankings, and quality backlinks for your website, guest blogging is the right solution, especially if your website is relatively new. Why? Because people are less likely to take words from a new blogger. By guest blogging, you can publish your content on authority domains and acquire online exposure from your target customers.

Many bloggers including Neil Patel and Brian Dean use guest blogging as one of their inbound marketing strategies. So, if you want to achieve the desired results for your website, be it increased traffic or improved rankings, make sure to include guest blogging into your strategy list.

In this blog post, I have decided to share some insight into the benefits of guest blogging and why it is worth your time and money. In case you have been struggling to decide whether to use guest blogging or not, continue reading, the following blog will clear every doubt regarding guest posting.

What is Guest Posting?

To put it in simple words guest posting is a marketing technique of attracting customers by posting content on someone else’s website. There are many websites in different business niches that accept guest posts from bloggers. However, the best way to get benefits from guest blogging is to post content on websites related to your market.

Reason being, this will help you get exposure from the right audience and you’ll be able to acquire a quality backlink at the same time. For instance, if you are selling electronic devices on your store, it is better to post a guest post on a website that reviews electronic devices.

It is worth understanding that each of the guest posting websites has guidelines of their own. If you want your content to be published on the website, it is important to adhere to these guidelines and write the content accordingly.

Though many people believe guest blogging has lost its charm, that’s not true. In fact, if implemented correctly, guest blogging is an effective technique to attract visitors to your own website.

It is also worth noting that the benefits of guest blogging do not only limit to backlinks and increased traffic. It has several other potential benefits as well, which we are going to share further in the blog.

So, without any further ado, let’s start with the list of benefits of writing guest posts for other websites.

Benefits of Guest Posting

Attract Targeted Traffic

As we mentioned earlier, guest blogging is one of the effective key strategies to attract targeted traffic to your website. Neil Patel and Eric Schulz confirmed that they still write guest posts to drive potential readers to their own website.

The truth is if you have crafted a captivating and informative piece of content, you are most likely to witness a consistent flow of traffic to your website. If you want to attract targeted traffic, however, all you have to do is find a guest blogging website in your niche and write a blog that can provide value to the readers.

One of the best parts about attracting traffic through guest posting is that these readers are most likely to spend a considerable time period on your website. Reason being, you are providing the information that they were actually looking for. Unlike traffic from other channels, that may or may not stay on your website for longer, attracting traffic through guest blogging even helps you acquire long term clients.

Acquire Quality Backlinks

Acquiring quality backlinks is probably one of the major reasons why people dive into the pool of guest blogging in the first place. When you write a guest post for a third-party website, you are allowed to leave at least one link to your own domain.

Since Google still considers backlinks as one of its primary ranking factors, it is important to build a strong backlink profile with a significant amount of quality backlinks. Through guest blogging, you can easily acquire a quality backlink to your website, especially if you are writing for a website with a similar business niche. The majority of guest blogging sites have significantly higher DR (Domain Rating).

However, it is important to understand that Google is now capable of differentiating between relevant and irrelevant backlinks. Since relevant backlinks are given more preference, it is crucial that you write posts for websites that relate to your market and target the same audience as well.

Build Brand Authority

Guest posting helps you build a brand authority as well. How? When you publish quality content on high authority websites, people start trusting your brand too, of course, considering the fact that you are writing highly informative blog posts.

Through guest blogging, even new bloggers can easily establish a strong brand name. By associating yourself with an influencer in your niche and writing quality content for their websites, you can easily acquire the trust of the customers.

Network With People

Networking with people, mainly influencers can help your brand in many ways. Not only do you have tons of collaboration opportunities, but you also put yourself as a high-authority influencer in the market.

By connecting with other people in your niche, it becomes easier to understand the market and your target audience. Thus you’ll be able to craft much precise and customer-centric blog posts in the future.

Moreover, the majority of guest blogging websites have a dedicated community of bloggers who write regularly for the website. You can also connect with these people to understand the basic tips to engage readers through your blogs. In a nutshell, guest blogging gives you the opportunity to connect with like-minded people and brainstorm ideas that are likely to help your brand grow.

Boost Your Social Media Following

Though it may sound a bit surprising, guest blogging helps you increase the count of your social media followers. When you write a guest blog for an influencer, he is practically trusting you. This puts you as a high authority person in front of his audience.

The majority of guest blogging websites allow you to leave a link to your social media profiles, either in the bio or the content itself. If your content is informative and high quality, you can easily direct readers to your social media profiles and turn them into active followers.

As a result, next time when you’ll publish a blog on your own website, you won’t have to struggle too much to drive traffic. You’ll already have readers who are willing to read your content.

Improve Your Writing Skills

Writing regular guest posts will help you improve your writing skills. Every writer is not perfect. Bloggers are likely to make several mistakes in the first few months of their blogging carrier.

However, when you write guest posts, you can go back and read the readers’ comments to check whether your writing is up to the mark or not. In most of the cases, the website owner will himself point out the mistakes that you’ll make in your post.

This will help you understand the mindset of readers and influencers and it will become easier to write better posts in the future. As a writer, guest posts is the key to improve your writing skills and write posts that meet customer expectations.

Expand Your Subscribers List

Another potential benefit of writing guest posts is that it helps you increase your subscribers count. When a customer lands on your website through a guest blog, you have a chance to turn them into regular readers by convincing them to sign up for your newsletter.

However, it is worth understanding that a visitor is less likely to subscribe to the newsletter. It is your job to convince him to become a part of the community. This can be done by crafting the perfect content that caters to the visitors’ requirements.

Since these customers have already clicked on the link in the guest post, they already trust your brand. All you have to do is show them how your brand can help them in the future and they’ll willingly become a regular subscriber by signing up to the newsletter.

Get Feedback from People

Another potential benefit of guest posting is that it tells you what customers think about your posts, writing style, and business. By going through the comment section of your guest post, you can easily understand what customers expect from your business.

By acting on this feedback, it’ll become easier to develop the right strategies in the future. Apart from customers, influencers in the community are likely to comment on your posts as well. If influencers are liking your guest posts, you are already on the right path.

Generate Qualified Lead

New businesses usually struggle to generate leads, mainly due to limited exposure. However, with guest blogging, you can easily generate qualified leads which are most likely to buy your services at the end.

If you get your content published on websites that have a significant amount of traffic, you are most likely to boost up the lead count in a very short time period. Moreover, since your post has already engaged readers, they are likely to convert, eventually improving the conversion rate.

How to Find Guest Blogging Opportunities Now, that you understand the potential benefits of writing guest posts, let’s take a look at how you can find guest blogging opportunities and get your content published on authority websites.

Though it has several benefits, it is extremely important to find the right website which is not only a high authority domain but also has a streamline of traffic. Finding such a website is like looking for a needle in the haystack and that’s why it may get a bit strenuous to find the right website.

This is where GuestHike can help. We perform manual outreach on your behalf and get your content published on high-authority domains, helping you attract traffic and acquire a quality backlink at the same time.


Regardless of what you might have heard, guest blogging can still do wonders for your website in 2019. The above-mentioned points explain how you can benefit by publishing guest posts on someone else’s website. However, remember that the key to achieving the desired results through guest posting is to find an authority domain.

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